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Using Devnet, Testnet and Mainnet


Instructions here are for devnet, but it is the same for testnet and mainnet. Just replace "devnet" with testnet/mainnet and dsui with tsui/msui.


Generally, works similar to localnet, except you are interacting with a public network instead of your own simulated local Sui network.

$ devnet start

The first time will take minutes because of downloading and building the binaries.

You do not call sui directly anymore, instead call dsui:

$ dsui client active-address

You no longer have to "switch env". You can assume dsui always transparently execute with its proper sui client and keystore for devnet (in same way, tsui for testnet, ```msui`` for mainnet. Each have their own keystore).

Type devnet for help.


You can check the client version and devnet services status with devnet status.

You can monitor the RPC node servers with devnet links (More Info).

Upgrading Sui Client

Do devnet update to download/rebuild to the latest client.

By default, the latest 'devnet' branch from Mysten Labs is used, you can choose a different branch or repo by editing the suibase.yaml (More Info).

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