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Supported operating systems

  • Linux (Arch and Ubuntu tested)
  • macOS
  • Windows with WSL2


Install the Sui prerequisitesopen in new window.

Skip installing the Sui binaries (unless you have an application that depends on ~/.sui/sui_config).

How will suibase get the Sui binaries?

Suibase will automatically download the sui client and repos from Mysten Labs that match each network version.

For consistency your Rust app can optionally have their dependencies set to the same downloaded code (Sui Rust SDK crates). More Info

Installation Steps

$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ cd suibase
$ ./install

Suibase is not intrusive on your system. The installation is per user:

  • All its files and workdirs are kept in ~/suibase
  • The installation only creates symlinks in ~/.local/bin
Why suibase need to be cloned in user home (~)?

Suibase files are an "open standard" and benefit from being easily found by many apps and sdks. The home directory is the convenient solution.


$ ~/suibase/update

Will pull latest from github to only update suibase itself.
To update sui clients and their local repos, use instead the workdir scripts (e.g. mainnet update)


$ ~/suibase/uninstall
$ rm -r ~/suibase

Will remove suibase completely.

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