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Curated resources for Sui devs - Project with no activity for >1 year are removed.

How to add a link?

Either edit it yourself or request someone else on our Discord #cookbook channelopen in new window.

Target audience are developers. Not the right place for NFT marketplaces or exchanges.

Official Sui Websites


GolangComing Chatgithubopen in new window
Block Visiongithubopen in new window
KotlinMcXrossgithubopen in new window
CosmoStationgithubopen in new window
PythonAxiom:1githubopen in new window
RustMysten Labsdocsopen in new window
Typescript/JavacriptMysten Labsgithubopen in new window
Move Analyzeropen in new windowOfficial Mysten Labs move-analyzer (recommended as of 2024)
Suibaseopen in new windowSui binaries management, debugging/testing tools

Other IDE

Intellij Moveopen in new windowAptos/Sui move language for Jet Brains editors. Open-source githubopen in new window
Move-Modeopen in new windowEmacs mode for Move language. By Ashok Menon, a Mysten Labs dev.


indexer.xyzopen in new windowMulti-chain GraphQL data services
status.sui.ioopen in new windowOfficial Mysten Labs network status
suiscan.xyzopen in new windowRich blockchain explorer for validators, packages, analytics
suivision.xyzopen in new windowWell-done explorer, with portfolio view support for many Defi


Ethosopen in new windowSupports all Sui wallets and users who don't yet have one
githubopen in new window docsopen in new window
suietopen in new windowSupports all Sui wallets. No tracking.githubopen in new window docsopen in new window

Open-Source Projects / Orgs

dApp Kitopen in new windowMysten Labs React components, hooks and morenpmopen in new window
Interest Protocolopen in new windowDeFi protocol and other open-source contributionsgithubopen in new window suitearsopen in new window
Polymediaopen in new windowVarious open-source projects from JuzyBits (active Sui community contributor)githubopen in new window
OriginByteopen in new window Gaming SDK (Unity/Unreal), Sui NFT Standardgithubopen in new window
docsopen in new window