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Integration with other tools

Walrus & Walrus Site Builder

Suibase has its own environement configuration for every network (localnet, devnet, testnet, mainnet).

To be able to use Walrus or Walrus Site Builder with Suibase, you first need to activate a particular Suibase network environment like this:

testnet start

Currently Walrus is only avaiable on Testnet, so the examples here a for Testnet only, but feel free to adjust the commands and paths according to your target environment.

Next step is to supply Suibase wallet configuration to Walrus or Walrus Site Builder this way:

walrus --wallet ~/suibase/workdirs/[network]/config/client.yaml <cmd>
site-builder --wallet ~/suibase/workdirs/[network]/config/client.yaml <cmd>

where [network] is either localnet, devnet, testnet or mainnet.

For example, to deploy a web app to Walrus Sites on testnet, you need to do the following:

site-builder --config ./walrus.yaml --wallet ~/suibase/workdirs/testnet/config/client.yaml  publish ./dist

where walrus.yaml is a Walrus Site Builder config file.

Normally Suibase creates necessary Gas objects on first environment start, which will be used to perform the required transactions on-chain.

Please refer to the Walrus documentationopen in new window to learn more about its config files and commands.