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Fact Sheet

  • MultiSigs provide another level of security governance by requiring more than one key to sign transactions
  • MultiSigs are constructed with 2 or more keypairs, each with their own weight
  • Construction also requires a threshold. The threshold is checked at signature creation time and if the
    associated sum of 'weights' of the keys provided are less than the threshold, signing will fail
  • MultiSigs have a unique address
  • You can send objects to the MultiSig address like any other Sui address
  • To manipulate objects owned by the MultiSig address, you must sign with 1 or more of the keys of the constructed MultiSig
  • Creation and signing for MultiSig from CLI can be found on Sui Docsopen in new window
  • Unlike other keys that are stored in sui.keystore, MultiSigs are not persisted.

Create a MultiSig

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Sign with a MultiSig

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